About Me

I'm Allie, a DONA International certified Postpartum Doula.  I attended Penn State University where I studied nutritional science and am a former elementary school and children's dance teacher.  I'm a mom to three energetic children and wife to an aviator in the U.S. Navy. Our family currently resides in Williamsburg, Virginia where we are currently enjoying all things colonial.  I'm an Army brat who married a Naval Academy grad and so travel, adventure and football are in my blood!  My favorite things include coffee, yoga, Amazon Prime, dance shows, Penn State and talk radio.

After the birth of my second daughter in 2013 I experienced what I now know to be postpartum anxiety.  At the time I didn't even have the vocabulary to describe what I was feeling- overwhelmed, worried, and anxious ALL THE TIME. I thought I was a failure, I didn't know where to turn to for support. I wished someone had told me what to expect. Eventually I sought help but it was a long and bumpy road.  Over time I started to realize that other mothers felt the same way and that I wasn't alone.  Talking to other moms I began to notice that the dialogue was often the same.  "I wish someone had told me..." "I didn't know it would be so hard"... "Nobody told me that..."

Hearing these words echoed over and over made me frustrated.  Why are we, as moms, left feeling so unsupported? Why are are so uninformed about what to expect from our postpartum bodies?  We leave the hospital with these new sweet squishy babies and are expected to just "figure it out"- maybe with the help of Google or maybe we're lucky and we have some honest friends who share their experiences with us.  It's really no wonder we're overwhelmed, tired, and left questioning our abilities as mothers. I want to change all that!

Mama Bee Wellness grew out of the desire to have a space for women to feel supported, enlightened, listened to and nurtured. My goal is to create a warm, inviting,  and gentle community for moms to grow and feel empowered.